Running a networking event doesn’t need to be difficult! With the following pointers, we think you’ll be on your way to a successful event that makes your world a little smaller by enlarging your network.

Budget Planning
Sticking to a budget is an important first step to planning a successful event. You can begin budget planning by taking the time to consider the purpose of the event, which will help determine resources and materials needed, which then dictates the spending necessary for the event you’re trying to pull together. More often than not, things cost more than you originally think they will, so it is crucial to give yourself a budget where you overshoot the spending you think you’ll do. Wiggle room in your budget can consist of extra money for food and drink, the right length of time for the event, and the size of the venue, just to name a few things needed for consideration in creating a budget plan. Depending on how large and successful your event is can even dictate whether or not it becomes more than a one-time-thing, too, so getting the budget as close to comfortable from the very beginning can save a lot of time and worry.


Choosing a Venue
When trying to find a location for your event, you want to make sure to set up the attendees to feel excited and relaxed. This is why all aspects of choosing an environment for your event is so crucial. Ensuring that there is enough parking, check in is painless, the space is going to be large enough and easy to find are just a few things you can calculate into finding the perfect venue for your event. A positive environment can truly go a long way, especially with events like these.


Event Promotion

A bad turnout can turn a really excellent event into one that is perhaps rather subpar. This is why it is so important to promote your event in the most effective way possible. Use your social media platforms to advertise and tell your friends! With all the platforms we have accessible to us, you can create a low-cost but highly effective campaign to advertise your marketing event to varied collections of professionals. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Eventbrite can aid in this kind of communication in a very easy-to-initiate way, so take advantage of the resources you have available. The world is much smaller these days, so you might be surprised by how many people an online promotion can attract.    

Interaction Facilitation
So you’ve planned the event and it looks great, but your job doesn’t end here! You now have a mental all-access-pass to all of the happenings at this event, so your job now is to make those connections confidently and to foster communication between other parties as well. You never know who your event will attract, so make sure to take advantage of the connections you can make with new professionals or the reconnecting you might do with other attendees. Introduce old friends to new friends, and you’ll see your network grow exponentially.    

With these pointers, you should be on your way to a successful event. Put yourself out there, because you never know what will come back. All you’ll need is a kind heart, precise eyes, a confident approach, and this guide to keep you moving along in the right direction.