There are many differences between a process and a method when it comes to businesses and their specific needs. Understanding how both a sales method and a sales process can be beneficial to your entire selling cycle is one of the first major steps in becoming successful business. Knowing the difference between these two will allow your company to make better decisions as they become more goal oriented and profitable.


What is a sales process?

A sales process is a documented guide that will allow representatives to determine the next steps of a buyer’s journey. Not everyone will follow the same sales process, and that is okay. Each company should create one that works for them and their customers and always customize it to have the greatest impact for your business. The sales process must be established before you begin your research on prospects. If you have an established process in place, there will be no room for loose ends. Your sales team should go into everything deal knowing the right steps to help them discover, nurture and gain new customers.


What is a sales method?

The sales method is very different than the process since it is not applied to the entire sales cycle; but instead it focuses on one area of sales and allows you to build on a unique approach based on the culture, goals, and values of your business. It is less of a method and more a strategy, since it is the “how” of selling.


Why do we need a sales methodology?

  • Provides proven strategies for navigating a business environment
  • Establishes tools to effectively evaluate sales opportunities, situations and challenges.
  • Implements a common language for discussing the steps required at each stage of the sales process  
  • Helps identify the best practices that increase the likelihood of success
  • Increases the replication of top performers throughout the sales organization
  • Produces effective ways to coach sales reps throughout the process in a scalable way.


When choosing a sales method you should take these points into consideration:

  • Does it fit your target customer?
  • Will it meet your current goals?
  • Does it fit within your sales process?
  • Will you be able to integrate it into your CRM?


Understanding the difference between a process and a method is critical to how your business will perform and once both are established, you will be able to set your business up for success.