Success in business doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes time, dedication and hard work to make a name for yourself. When running a business, your company can only be as strong as the weakest link. The employees of your business should be working just as hard as you are. In order to ensure the success of your business and your employees, start with simple goal setting:


Start Fresh

When starting up a new goal setting system among your employees, it’s time to let some of the old ways go. Change can be frustrating for some employees, which is why it’s important to start simple and small. This will help ensure your team will adjust to the new goal setting system a bit easier and more employees will be inclined to follow through. Make sure the system is something that is easy to understand and implement while letting go of some of the old ways.


Know Your “Why”

When setting up a goal system among your employees, it’s important to know why you want to do this. WIthout an overall goal, the company will be aimless. All employees must be made aware of this goal and working as a team towards it. It can be improving productivity, more market strategies, or even reaching more consumers. Think about what the overall goal is before setting up smaller and easy, trackable goals.


Tracking Your Goals

Accountability is everything. When you begin implementing a simple goal setting system, it needs to be trackable. To ensure your goals are being met, they need to be tracked for progress. The way to do this is by weekly reporting through the PPP – Plans, Progress, Problems, methodology. Through PPP, every employee set three to five weekly plans for managers and owners to review. This will allow you to see the success and progress of every employee.

When implementing a goal-setting system for your employees, it should be simple. If the system is too complicated, employees could be easily turned off by the idea and struggle to keep up with it. To ensure goals are being met and progress is being made, keep track of employees productivity. Not only will this help you as a manager or owner see their progress, but it will also help your employees hold themselves accountable. Simple goal setting it a sure way for your business to be successful.