Being called for an interview can be such an exciting opportunity to land the job of your dreams. Before walking to the interview session, it is essential to take some time and prepare as much as possible by looking at a few questions that are commonly asked during interview sessions. Your performance in answering those questions with boldness and precision determines whether you will land a job or not. Here are a few questions that you can be sure to be asked in an interview session.

Tell us about yourself

This question is, by far, the most asked in interview sessions. The interviewers look for an honest description of yourself, followed by what your values and personal ideologies are. In response, you should start by introducing yourself by your official name, followed by a brief description of your professional career and a few other personal qualities. You should, however, avoid sounding too salesy in your self-description as that may raise the red flag.

Sell me this item

This question focuses on evaluating candidates applying for sales and marketing jobs in organizations. The idea behind the question is to have the applicant demonstrate their sales and marketing skills. When the question is thrown at you, you should start by introducing yourself, followed by a full description of the product that you are selling. The description should comprise of particular details of the object, including color, size, functionality, and benefits. You should then wrap up the description by requesting the listeners to purchase the item if they need one.

What is your biggest weakness?

Interviewers who ask candidates this question seek to evaluate the honesty and relevance of a candidate to a particular job. In response, you should provide an evaluation of yourself by describing the actual weaknesses that you possess and providing an explanation of what you may be doing towards overcoming them. You may want to avoid stating a weakness that is critical in your job position.

Why are you leaving your current job?

The information you provide in answering this question is crucial to your employer as they seek to understand what drives you. A typical acceptable response includes quoting your enthusiasm to explore employment opportunities that allow you to achieve your career goals and need for expansion. You may also want to state that you are seeking for a position which strategically will enable you to utilize your skills to the maximum.