The New Age

As graduates enter the workforce they are greeted with many new scenarios, one being the experience of working with much older colleagues. Some may find the change difficult to navigate through while others may accept the challenge with ease. The difference in knowledge between younger and older generations is part of the reason why many people believe in the generational divide. While older employees may have more experience working in their respective fields, younger employees have been exposed to the latest information that is available. With effective communication and an amount of understanding, employees of all ages can work harmoniously towards a much greater cause.


Smoke and Mirrors

Ricoh USA, a company devoted to developing workplace solutions, recently conducted a survey among 1500 employees. The majority of the 1500 employees that were questioned believe that a generational divide doesn’t really exist within the workforce. In fact, many believe that a difference between the age groups of an office can prove to be valuable for employers.


Seeking Employment

It is important for members of younger generations to remain open to new opportunities and relationships when searching for jobs. Job-seekers who are in the application process should aim to develop skills that employers are looking for in their workplaces. Applicants should conduct thorough researches to find out the needs of hiring managers in their fields. Additionally, reaching out to current employees of organizations will help applicants learn more about the issues that companies are currently facing but would like to solve by hiring younger staff members.


The Future

After an applicant finds a position that they are satisfied with they should continue to learn more about what they can do to improve a company. Employees of all ages should seek to increase their knowledge by understanding what their coworkers have to offer. While older employees have much more experience in their fields, the fresh knowledge that younger employees have can be very beneficial to a workforce when applied synchronously. As accepted by the majority of the workers involved in Ricoh’s study, the world of business is continually evolving and the processes that exist today are expected to change in coming years.